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Bright Tribute Wireless Fast Charger Stand

Bright Tribute Wireless Fast Charger Stand

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The Bright Tribute Wireless Fast Charger Stand guarantees that your phone is still usable while it’s charging. This stand is adjustable, meaning you can stand it up at a convenient angle to watch a video or see messages come in. The stand makes charging fast and easy. Just place your Qi-compatible smartphone on the stand when you need extra power. Its wireless design eliminates cumbersome cords and displays your screen while charging. Ideal for a nightstand, desk, or table, you can count on this charging stand to keep your phone charged and ready to go.



  • The wireless charger features the automatic recognition of fast charging mode, and it provides classification, recognition and fast charging for IOS, Android phones, the charger features 15W high power, and with 10W fast charging and 15W max output, the charger can identify the model of your phone and provide it with the fast charging mode.
  • The charging efficiency of the wireless charger is high, and its wireless charging conversion rate is 80%, and the 15W fast-charging wireless charger is 2 times faster than ordinary models.
  • The wireless charger can be used as a mobile phone holder to watch live broadcasts, movies, video chats, and games. And it can be placed vertically or horizontally, and it can be used for wireless charging at any time.
  • The wireless charger is suitable for various wireless charging devices on the market that support QI standards, including new models on the market.


  • Material: ABS eco-friendly material + electronic components
  • Color: Athens black, simple white
  • Output power: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W
  • Charging frequency: 100K-205KHZ
  • Transmission distance: ≤10MM
  • Charging conversion rate: ≥80%
  • Input voltage: 5/2A, 9V/1.67A
  • Compatible devices: all QI standard wireless charging devices
  • Size: about 12*8*10cm/4.72*3.15*3.94in

Packing List:

  • 1 x Wireless Charger
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Charging Cable
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